Words Matter 2010- Day 1 Blog Challenge

Words Matter Week 2010 poster

Here’s the blog challenge question for Monday, March 1, 2010:

What is the most important word or words in your life? Why?

If you’d like to participate in the challenge, write a post on your own blog on the topic of the day, then visit the Words Matter blog to leave your post title and link in the comment section so that others can enjoy what you’ve written. Be sure to share your posts in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media!

Background: In honor of Words Matter Week, a holiday that is celebrated annually the first full week in March, the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) is hosting a Blog Challenge with a specific daily topic Monday through Friday.

Each blogger that posts a response to each day’s challenge (a total of five posts) will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift card to Amazon.com. The winner will be announced in the next issue of The Edge, NAIWE’s e-mail newsletter. (If you don’t receive it yet, you may subscribe at the NAIWE homepage). Remember to write the post on your own blog, adding a link to this post. Return to this page and add a comment on this post, with the title of your response and a link to your post.

“Let the wild rumpus start!

(From Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak)

We had a great interview on The Freelance Life with Robert Hartwell Fiske of The Vocabula Review. Listen on the Words Matter Week 2010 page.

17 thoughts on “Words Matter 2010- Day 1 Blog Challenge

  1. See my post for day 1 at aheartibloom.blogspot.com – “the word is love”

    Thanks! I look forward to reading others’ posts, as well. You can also check out my writing and words of inspiration at facebook.com/stephanie.a.barrows – and plantsinger.blogspot.com …

    I hope to read some comments from you all! Have a great week!

    “Solitude adds pizzazz to the sweet cider of success.” – Stephanie Ann Barrows, Feb 2010

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  4. The prompt is: Communication breaks down when words are misused. What is the funniest, most interesting, or worst break-down you’ve ever observed?
    The funniest is the comment my daughter made when she mixed up two words. She is not dyslexic but somehow mixed up the words “steps” and “slippery” to tell me that the “slips were steppery.” She was absolutely serious when she said this and then broke out laughing because she realized what she had said.

    Thanks for reading, and all the best,


  5. Wow — just discovered your group and am intrigued by the challenge. However, running 3 days late and a dollar short, I’m providing a blog I worte a few weeks ago. I’ll be sure to offer a link-back in a future post. (I try to be several weeks ahead, so probably not til late March-early April) Not looking to compete — just share — and read what others are writing.

    As for the most important word, I’d say it’s one least articulated … as Ronna mentioned: Love. But my take is different… Hope you enjoy…

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