Give Books to Children

Words are especially important to children, and words in stories can change lives. Many children don’t have books of their own. A goal of Words Matter Week is to bring attention to this need and the charity First Book. First Book is a non-profit organization whose main focus is to provide books to children in need. NAIWE has established a fundraising page to benefit First Book in honor of Words Matter Week. You’re invited to contribute. Your gift to First Book will help put books in the hands of children. Please watch this delightful video in which children’s book authors tell the story behind First Book and GIVE.

About First Book

First Book transforms the lives of children in need. Through a sustainable, market-driven model, First Book is creating equal access to quality education—making everything from brand new, high-quality books and educational resources, to sports equipment, winter coats, snacks, and more—affordable to its member network of more than 400,000 educators who exclusively serve kids in need.

Since 1992, First Book has distributed more than 175 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income families in more than 30 countries. First Book reaches an average of 3 million children every year and supports more than one in four of the estimated 1.3 million classrooms and programs serving children in need.

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