How You Can Participate in Words Matter Week

Celebrate Words Matter Week during the first full week of March

Words Matter Week 2015 posterThere are many ways to celebrate the importance of words during Words Matter Week. We’ve listed a few below to help you get started, but we encourage you to get creative and share the message in as many ways as you can (we’d love to hear what you do!). If you’d like to be a Words Matter Catalyst, print copies of the poster and share them with your local libraries, bookstores, schools, or other organizations.

We encourage you to share Words Matter Week on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social networks. Let’s get people talking about words!

Celebrate with Family and Friends!

Host a word party, and play word games such as Scrabble®, Boggle®, Pick Two®,and more.


Create an interesting display of books about words, including dictionaries, grammar guides, thesauri, and even etiquette guides.

Host a special storytime with books about words.


Create a special display of word-related books with funny titles such as

Host a panel of communication experts such as authors, journalists, broadcasters, and others for a discussion of why words matter in the 21st century.

Bloggers and Webmasters

Blog daily on the topic of words (sample writing prompts below), then link back to the Words Matter site so others can read your posts.

Suggested writing prompts:

  • Words can change history. What word, speech, or document do you believe to be most important?
  • Writers craft words into memorable phrases, stories, poems and plays.
    What writers make your heart sing? Why?
  • What word, said or unsaid, has or could change your life? How?
  • Communication breaks down when words are misused. What is the funniest or worst break-down you’ve ever observed?
  • What person in your life helped you understand the importance of choosing words carefully? What would you say to them if you met them today?
  • If you had to eliminate one word or phrase from the English language, what would it be? Why?

Link to the Words Matter Week webpage.

Copy the Words Matter Week poster image and share it on your own site with a link back to


Do a special study on the Word, and discuss the meaning of “Word” in John 1.

Have a treasure hunt for all the verses that address words, speech, and conversation. Award a prize to the person who find the most verses.

Schools and Homeschools

Gather a basket of books about words, and spend time each day exploring them. You can find a list of possible titles listed at Notes from the Windowsill to get you started.

Have children write on each day’s writing prompt.

Play word games such as Scrabble®, Boggle®, Pick Two®, and others

Nursing Homes and other Group Homes

Post a copy of the Words Matter Week Poster in a central spot to remind staff about the importance of communicating kindly and gently with residents.

Offer residents the opportunity to talk or write about each of the daily writing prompts, or to share word-related memories.

Play word games suitable to the residents’ abilities.

Volunteer to write letters for elders; many enjoy communicating, but find writing difficult.

Writers and Writers’ Groups

Write daily on the writing prompts as they are posted.

Celebrate Words Matter Week by visiting an open mic night and sharing your work.

Professional Associations and Networking Groups

Schedule a special seminar on communications or public speaking.

Financial Advisory Firms

Provide a copy of the Words Matter Week poster to each member of the firm to remind them to communicate clearly with clients.

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