Unsung Heroes of Written English

On this page, we’re celebrating publications, groups, and individuals who are making a valiant stand against the onslaught of slop and drivel.

Apostrophe Protection Society

Apostrophe Catastrophe

Apostrophe Catastrophe

Submitted by Dr. Loren Ekroth aka “Dr. Conversation” of www.ConversationMatters.com
Dr. Ekroth comments, “I joined this org very early, way back in 2001.  A father and son from a small town in England are on a mission to protect the apostrophe.  Members send them photos of billboards with egregious examples of catastrophic apostrophic misuse.  They soldier on bravely in what is probably a losing battle.” Be sure to visit the “Examples” page to listen to the song, “Apostrophe Apostasy.”

Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar


“The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar is for pen-toters appalled by wanton displays of Bad English. SPOGG is for people who crave good, clean English — sentences cast well and punctuated correctly. It’s about clarity… SPOGG is the proud founder of National Grammar Day, which happens every year on March 4.”

The Vocabula Review

vocabula-review-logo“The Vocabula Review strives to combat the degradation of our language…[and] celebrate its opulence and its elegance… The Vocabula Review seeks to promote the richness of our language. In sum, The Vocabula Review battles nonstandard, careless English and embraces clear, expressive English.” (Access to TVR and its complete archive is one benefit of NAIWE membership.)

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