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The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) invites you to celebrate the annual Words Matter Week, March 3-9, 2019.

MONTPELIER, VA – It’s time once again to stamp out verbal slop and drivel. The annual Words Matter Week celebration shines a spotlight on words and their role in society. Writers, teachers, librarians, and word lovers everywhere are invited to participate.

“Words are the foundation of civilization,” says April Michelle Davis, executive director of NAIWE. “In every aspect of life, personal or professional, words form the basis of relationships with others. The written word preserves and transmits knowledge, evokes alternate worlds, and provides endless food for thought. Words Matter Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate words and focus on why they matter.”

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) is once again offering a free downloadable poster and a list of suggested activities for libraries, bookstores, churches, schools and homeschools, nursing homes, bloggers, and more.

During the celebration, visitors are invited to participate in a blog challenge and share a link to their post. Join the conversation–we value your words!

For more information, visit

April Michelle Davis
National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
P.O. Box 412
Montpelier, VA 23192

The Mission of NAIWE

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) is a professional association for writers and editors. We exist to help members succeed, and our unique focus on creating multiple streams of income can make it happen. At NAIWE, we know that a writing or editing career isn’t all about the art. It’s not all about the money either. Writing and editing are about the joy of creativity, the freedom of working independently, and the fulfillment that comes from creating an authentic, abundant life, earning a living doing what you love to do. We believe that taking the road less traveled is often the best way to go.

We believe that every writer or editor should belong to two professional organizations. The first is a large, general, career-building association such as NAIWE, and the second is a smaller craft- or genre-focused association that will help develop additional skills in the minutiae of your craft.

NAIWE welcomes freelance writers and editors, both commercial and literary. Members include novelists, copywriters and copyeditors, writing coaches, proofreaders, magazine writers, writing teachers, business writers and editors, academic writing evaluators, writers of literature for children, fiction editors, and other specialists. We provide an online presence that allows readers, editors, publishers, and potential clients to find you. Our goal is to help freelance writers and editors earn a living with words.

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