Here’s an index of our valued Words Matter Week Sponsors

Each of these companies is committed to the idea that words are the foundation of civilization, relationships, and business. Listings will be finalized and live by March 1, so if you’re interested in joining us as a sponsor, please visit the Sponsor Opportunities page and sign up today.

Host Sponsor

naiwe-final-logo-white-gr-s Partner Sponsor

Excellence in Literature: Great people read great books.

Excellence In Literature: Reading and Writing Through the Classics

Individual Sponsors

Do what matters, make it pay: An entrepreneurial blog.

DoingWhatMatters: Earn what you need, doing what you love, wherever you are.


Coupley: Remember your life together.

Coupley: An Online Journaling Site for Couples

Friends of Words Matter Week

Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar

National Grammar Day & the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG)

ManyThingsBlue.com Software Development

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