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A picture is worth a thousand words.


Photographer Blue is an international directory of wedding and portrait photographers.

Why photographers and their potential clients need Photographer Blue…

Search engines tend to be word-based (and words do matter). If you’re a photographer, you aren’t easy to find. We’re trying to solve that with a carefully crafted design that’s impossibly easy to use, and unique technical wizardry that makes it easy for people to search, and keep them looking longer. For example, our search criteria are as simple as they get: Price and location.

Photographers get:


A completely free Basic Listing

We want our database to be genuinely useful, so we need it to be as complete as possible. That’s why we give everyone a free listing…

Enhanced Standard Listing

For more visibility, upgrade to a standard listing after you sign up. You’ll get up to 6 sample images, and you’ll show up ahead of all the free listings.


Huge Premium Listing

Want to stand out even more? Upgrade to a premium listing. You’ll show up first, before all standard and free listings, and you’ll get a listing four times the size of the others. Great for professionals who want to stand out in their area.

Useful ‘at-a-glance’ information on each result

Each result has a standard, ‘business card’ like format that lists name, price range, location, description, and shows a photo. The user can click through to your profile…

Infinite scrolling (no “Next” button)

We don’t want to put any obstacles in the way of your client’s browsing. As they scroll down the page, we automatically load in more search results, so they never have to stop, click Next, and wait for a new full page to load.

Simple search interface

Our search continually refreshes as the user selects different choices from the simple type, price, and location dropdowns. It’s intuitive and easy, and gets more results in front of the user faster.


Users can easily ‘favorite’ photographers…

Learn more, and sign up or search for photographers at

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