Blog Challenge Winner for Words Matter Week 2011

We’d like to offer a hearty thanks to everyone who blogged in the Words Matter Week 2011 blog challenge. It was a delight to read the posts, and we particularly enjoyed visiting writers and blogs we’d never before encountered.

Olivia de Cat-in-Hand, NAIWE's Official Random SelectorWe’re delighted to announce the 2011 challenge winners. Yes, you read that right. Winners, plural. You see, we had a bit of technical difficulty in choosing a name out of the bowl. Olivia, NAIWE’s official random selector has extremely fuzzy paws. After a few tries in which most of the names were drawn at once, she finally drew only two in one swipe, and seeming to feel that her job was done, walked off.

That’s why we’re awarding two $25 gift certificates for blogging on all five topics. The winners are Debra of Footprints in the Butter, and Lindsay Oberst of Word Zeal. Congratulations to both of you!